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Matrox P650
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Matrox Millennium P-Series Graphic Cards

Matrox Millennium P650 64MB-8xAGP,DUAL HEAD 2xRGB Out,2xDVI Out (bulk) #P65-MDDA8X64 (no win98/nt driver) ($155.00) Matrox P750 64MB-8xAGP,TRIPLE HEAD3(RGB) Out,2(DVI) Out (Single) #P75-MDDA8X64 (no win98/nt driver) ($275.00) Matrox Millennium P650 Low-Profile PCI, 64MB DDR #P65-MDDAP64 ($239.00) Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 128MB (x16 SLOT Only) #P65-MDDE64F (3 year mfg warranty) ($239.00) Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 64MB (x16 SLOT Only) #P65-MDDE64F (3 year mfg warranty) ($239.00)

P650 Key features:

64MB DDR, 256-bit GPU with 128-bit DDR memory bus
AGP 8x, 4x, 2x, 1x
Powerful 2D, 3D and DVD-Video acceleration
Multi-display support: DualHead-HF
    - 1600 x 1200 dual digital and 1920 x 1440 dual analog resolution
    - Dual-DVI outputs with independent resolution support
    - Fully symmetric dual-display outputs with identical quality
    - Dual independent hardware overlays for video
    - Dual-display color calibration
UltraSharp Display Output technology:
    - Highest quality output with 10-bit gamma correctable DACs
Certified for AEC and entry-level MCA
Glyph Antialiasing for ultra-crisp text rendering
OpenGL® 1.3® and Microsoft® DirectX 8.1 compliant

P750 Key features SAME AS ABOVE Plus:

-Multi-display support: TripleHead
-Unique Matrox TripleHead support
- Unique Matrox Dual-display plus TV output support
- Surround Gaming*