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Travan Tape Drives

Please note:"Seagate" Tape Drives name change to "Certance"
  • Seagate STT3401A, 20/40GB IDE (Refurbished 90 day warranty)$110.00
    We have a limited quantity of these. they are individully packaged, Factory Refurbished. They are IDE & contain no software.
  • Seagate STT320000A TR5NS20 10/20GB Internal Tape Drive (Beige) Refurbished 90day Warranty$85.00
  • Seagate STT220000A-RFT Retail Box Includes soft& 1media$249.00
  • IMATION Travan TR-5 NS20 Network 20GB $55.00
  • Exabyte Eagle TR-3 (Refurbished) Internal Tape Drive 90 day warranty$95.00
  • HP T3000 TR-3)#C4341A ,QIC3020 (Refurbished)#CTT3200R Alternate 90 day warranty$89.00