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HP Model 744/165 Parts List.

Model744/165L (A4511A) & 744rt/165L (A4512A)
Graphic A4500A Option120
PMC Visualize-EG Graphics Card
PMC Visualize-EG Graphics Card A4979A
2 Slot Upogrades:
PMC Bridge Adapter -2 PMC (A4504A)
GSC Expansion Kit- 2 GSC (A4219A)
3 Slot Upgrades:
PMC Expansion Adapter A4509A
Standard Memory is Error checking (ECC) Ram cards. Up to four RAM Cards May be installed.
-HP A4501A 64MB RAM Card, A4503-69001
-HP A4449A 128MB RAM Card, A4500-69005
-HP A6005 256MB RAM Card A4500-69018
-note A45xx-69 may also be A45xx-66 When mixing 128MB & 256MB the 128MB Must be installed in lower memory slots
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