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Dell Power Supplies

Note regarding Dell Power Supply Part numbers: If you're ever in doubt, please use the Dell part number to order your unit, and NOT the model number. The correct Dell Part number can be found on your power supply unit in several ways -

-Look for your Dell label and look for your "Dell P/N:". The 5 characters, (usually numbers and letters) after the semi-colon are your Dell part number.

-Look for a label on the unit that starts with the characters "CN-0xxxxx", (there is usually a space or dash between then "CN" and the "0"). The 5 characters after the "0" are your Dell part number, and they are letters and numbers.

Please use these numbers to order your unit, or call us and we will help ensure you are ordering the correct part. We are always happy to help you with locating the correct part number to ensure you get the correct unit.