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  • SonyAIT1Tape
    Sony AIT Tape

    Sony is a pioneer in the development of high-density backup media, focusing on AME (advanced metal evaporated) technology for its magnetic tape drives. A speed advantage is gained by the storage of the log data and indexing information on the cartridge's MIC chip.

    Sony SDX1-25C AIT-1 25/50GB 8mm DATA TAPE ($52.00) SONY SDX1-35C 35/70GB 8mmAIT w/Mic ($53.00) Sony TAIT1-40C AIT-1 Turbo Tape Cartridge 40/104GB ($40.00) SONY SDX2-50C 50/100GB Media ($42.00) SONY SDX3-100C Tape Media 100-260GB ($52.00) SONY SDX-TC1 8MM/AIT CLEANER ($27.76) Sony SDX4-200C AIT-4 DATA Tape Media w/mic ($48.00) Sony SDX5-400C AIT-5 400GB/1TB Tape Cartridge ($53.00) Sony SDX5-400W AIT-5 WORM 400GB/1TB Tape ($61.00) Sony SDX5-CL AIT-5 Cleaning Tape ($56.95)