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Matrox Parhelia

Matrox Parhelia™ 256mb DDR PCI 512GPU PH-P256(F) (Refurbished, 90 day warranty) ($495.00) Matrox Parhelia™ 256mb DDR AGP 512GPU (No Win98 driver!) PH-A8X256 (Pull, 30 day warranty)) ($190.00) Matrox Parhelia 128mb(No Win98 driver!) PH-A8X128 (Refurbished, 30 day warranty) ($165.00) Matrox Parhelia 128mb(No Win98 driver!) PH-A128B (Pull, 90 day warranty) ($95.00) Matrox Parhelia MED2MP-DVI (Pull, 30 day warranty) ($449.00)
Please note: As of 4-2004 matrox is shipping the Parhelia 8X PH-A8X128 as a replacement for the Parhelia 4X PH-A128R. Key features: 512-bit GPU 256-bit DDR memory interface 128 MB DDR memory Advanced multi-display: Triple-RGB, Dual-DVI, TV output High performance 2D, 3D & video Surround Gaming 10-bit GigaColor AGP 8X Multi-Display configurations: Parhelia offers the most advanced multi-display support in the form of DualHead-HighFidelity, TripleHead Desktop, and Surround Gaming. This support is enabled through highly flexible output configuration options including dual-RGB, triple-RGB* and dual-DVI**. Matrox Parhelia cards feature two DVI-I connectors integrated on the bracket. The full flexibility of display configurations are offered to end users by the standard bundling of three cables/adaptors: One "Y-shaped" DVI-I to dual HD-15 cable One DVI-I to HD-15 adaptor One HD-15 to S-video and composite cable DualHead-HF (2 displays) Display 1 Display 2 Analog monitor (RGB) Analog flat panel (RGB) Digital flat panel (DVI) Analog monitor (RGB) Analog flat panel (RGB) Digital flat panel (DVI) NTSC / PAL TV.
Here is a interesting link to Tomshardware Review on the Matrox Parhelia. There are performance differences between the Retail & OEM (bulk) versions of the card :
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