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Dell P1130 21" UltraScan CRT 2048X1536 .24MM (SOLD OUT))

21" Super Fine Pitch™ FD Trinitron tube.
The Dell™ P1130 has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of users ranging from home and small offices to large corporate environments. This monitor incorporates the Flat Display technology so glare from ambient lighting is greatly reduced and straight lines look straight, from all angles. Displaying brilliant images at a maximum resolution of up to 2048X1536 pixels, this monitor is ideal for Microsoft® Windows®, CAD/CAM/CAE, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, Internet browsing and any other applications that demand a large screen size and high resolutions. Those who require exceptional quality and reliability at an affordable price will appreciate the value that the Dell™ P1130 delivers.

-Manufacturer: Sony Corp.
-Tube Type: Super Fine Pitch™ FD Trinitron tube, 21" (55 cm); L-SAGIC (Low Voltage Small Aperture Grille with Impregnated Cathode) electron gun; DQL (Dynamic Quadrupole Lens) and MALS (Multi-Astigmatism Lens System) with EFEAL (Extended Field Elliptical Aperture Lens) dynamic focus systems; Hi-Con and AR screen coatings (high contrast, anti-reflection/antistatic)
-Dot Pitch: 0.24 mm
-Viewable Size: 19.86"
-HSCAN: 30 - 130Khz
-VSCAN: 48 - 170Hz
-Maximum Resolution: 2048X1536
-Platforms: Mac and PC
-Signal Input: 15-pin VGA
-Power Supply: 100-260VAC
-Dimension: (WxDxH): 19.6" x 19.1" x 19.8"
-On-Screen Controls: contrast, brightness, degauss, horizontal and vertical size and position, geometry (pincushion, trapezoid, parallelogram, rotation), noire reduction, convergence, corner purity, user-defined settings with factory settings recall, color temperature
-CONDITION: Refurbished - 90 day