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Matrox EpicA Series Graphic Cards

Matrox EpicA TC2-Lite 32MB PCI(X), Dual Display PCI-X #TCP2P32LPAF ($169.00) Matrox EpicA TC2 64MB PCI, PCI(X) #TCP2P64LPAF ($259.00) Matrox EpicA TC4 128MB,Quad Display PCI(X) #TCP4P128LPAF ($779.00)

EpicA Key features: EpicA is designed for thin clients and other mission-critical systems
Matrox PowerDesk EpicA server-based software to remotely manage multi-display sessions
Support for Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA for Windows, and Linux desktop remote connection software
DualHead to use 2 monitors"independent" or "stretched" mode
PCI card compatible with all PCI and PCI-X slots
Low-profile form factor
Passive cooling (heat sink with no fan)Quiet
Expected power consumption of 10.07 watts or less
Display drivers,See MAtrox-Support-Drivers
Matrox PowerDesk driver interface
Available as 32,64 & 128MB