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CRT Monitors

CRTs, or the older TV Tube type monitors are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and are becoming more difficult to find. Due to the lead that is needed to manufacture them, most companies will no longer make them, as new manufacturing requirements and standards will no longer allow the use of contaminous metals in the manufacture of monitors.

We still carry an assortment of CRT monitors. A few can be found new, but most are available as refurbished. LCD Technology has also finally advanced to be comparable to that of the CRTs. If you're job does not require a CRT, but you are looking for comparable sharpness, call us for reccomendations on a suitable LCD monitor. We believe you'll be very pleased with the performance of some of the newly released LCDs.

If you MUST have a CRT - you've come to the right place! If you don't see it here, please call us, as it's very likely we can get it for you,... or may have it already.