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Forward Notes:
Streaming allows for the real-time distribution of Multimedia via the internet.
Simulstream SimulStream lets you individually create, tailor and optimize video for
several applications and audiences – all at the same time – live!
The audience generally will not have the same connection speed, Simulstream lets you create multiple streams for varying bandwidths.
While connections at the higher end usually are not the limitation, we offer some thoughts on what we consider the lowest acceptable rate for consumer DSL.
-320x240 @ 50kbps was too low, so we will not be advising that clients consider that.
-320x240 @ 350kbps (the LQ stream) is the minimum quality that was acceptable.
-320x240 @ 768kbps (the HQ stream), for a single stream, not bound by bandwidth or latency on a continental (USA) level.
-320x240 @ 500 kbps was also tested and provides results between 350kbps and 768kps as one would expect.
The Osprey 260e & 460e.
Here is an overview of:

Osprey 260e & 460e

If your not yet quite sure which card is right for your application, here is an :

Osprey Comparison Chart