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Serial Attached SCSI Harddrives (SAS)

Useful Info on SAS:

SAS Hard Drives:
Serial Attached SCSI hard drives are the latest generation of enterprise level storage. If top shelf performance is what you need, purchase a SAS hard disk solution today. We carry a SAS hard disks from Seagate, Maxtor, Fujitsu and Hitachi.
  • Seagate 36GB SAS Offerings$0.00
  • Seagate 73GB SAS Offerings$0.00
  • Seagate 146 GB SAS Offerings$0.00
  • Maxtor 146GB SAS Offerings
    Maxtor (M8033) Atlas 146GB SAS Hard Drive (Refurbished, 90 day warranty) ($265.00)
  • Seagate 300GB SAS Offerings$0.00
  • Dell 300 GB SAS Offerings
    Dell FW956 (ST3300555SS) 300GB , 10K rpm SAS (Refurbished, 90 Day Warranty) ($350.00)